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If your belongings are lost or destroyed, a detailed home inventory can help ensure their replacement. A home inventory can verify losses for the police and insurance adjuster.

The most effective way to prepare a home inventory is to create a detailed list and include either a videotape with audio narration, photographs of valuable and unique items, or audiotape with photographs.

Some tips:

  • Thoroughly cover one room at a time before starting another
  • Group like items such as electronics, clothing, jewlery etc.
  • Document serial numbers of electronics and major appliances
  • Attach sales reciepts and/or appraisals. Photocopy any other important documents and keep with list. Put original in a safe place outside of your home.
  • Photograph valuables next to a ruler on a solid background
  • Document information on unique items (age, where purchased, what makes it unique, etc.)
  • Remember items in attic, basement, garage, and porch

Click here for a detailed home inventory checklist.


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